Going Camp Crazy: A Few Questions for Organized Fairfield County Moms

photo courtesy of Zazzle

I'm not so great at advanced planning, which worked for me when I only had myself to think about, but now that I have these two little people expecting me to feed and clothe them, as well as provide them with shelter, the planning thing is starting to really become a problem.

Lately, everyone's talking about summer camp while in my mind I'm still putting away Christmas ornaments. How can it almost be summer? I guess this summer camp thing really snuck up on me this year because it's my first summer with a school aged child and at this age you have to have a  bona fide PLAN for your kid, I take it. Ideally this plan involves a nice combination of arts, sports, academic and nature camps. My question is, though, how much is too much and how do I decide which camps are best for my kid? That is if it's not too late to register!

Finally, do any kids just do nothing all summer anymore? And by "nothing" I mean playing in the backyard, with neighborhood kids, exploring, dreaming, reading...or are those days over? I realize that lots of moms are working (including me!) so this may not be an option. And that makes me sad.

Ok I'm over it. Tell me, what camps do you and your kids love in Fairfield County? Please share your experiences and links to camps you love here for us moms who are not so organized. Go!


Lisa L said...

We love Long Ridge Camp in Stamford!


Anonymous said...

We love the Darien Nature Center camps!

Jennifer W said...

We've done lots of camps over the years (Darien Arts Center, Darien Nature Center, Darien town tennis & sports camps). They've all been great but I've come to realize that I really prefer having them do very little over the summer so I've stopped scheduling them so rigidly. It's made us all much happier. :)

K V said...

CompuChild is offering LEGO Robotics and Mindstorms Summer camp at two location Westport and Stamford.
Email: kvora@compuchild.com or call: 203-921-7905 to get more information.

Barbara Davis said...

We interrupt our regularly scheduled WINTER to bring you some FUN IN THE SUN! Our summer camp registration has officially begun! Don't get caught out in the snow, come join us for an exciting, creatively fun and blast of a summer! For more information and registration: http://toddlertimens.org/programs/camp