Turning Excercise Into Art With Femme Fatale Fitness

Meet Tiffany Davidson of Femme Fatale Fitness. She's a Weston mom and personal trainer who is focused on the "art of exercise" and the mind/body connection. Visit www.femmefatalefit.com to learn more about her philosophy. She'll customize a work-out that fits your needs, personality and goals. I asked her to do a short Q&A with me (see below) about getting back in shape and why she especially enjoys working with female clients. Thanks Tiffany!

Q: Let's just say (hypothetically, of course), that I was a tired, stressed, busy mother who'd lost all motivation and focus to work out. What's the first step toward making a change?

The first step is literally to take a step! Commit to 10 minutes a day and gradually work your way up to 30 minutes. Since exercise is cumulative, those 30 minutes can be broken down throughout the day, and the benefits remain the same. Meet a friend for a walk in the park. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park farther away from the shop entrance. Each step will lead you on your own fitness path!

Q: You touch on the mind/body connection. Can you expand upon this and how it relates to your female clients?

Since I focus primarily on training women, I can certainly speak to that. However, I would add that mind/body awareness is equally important to men and children.

I have clients whom I lovingly refer to as “walking heads”! They have minimal body awareness which comes as no surprise. They are brilliant, highly educated women who were raised to think, think and think some more. Now most of them are wives and moms who spend unimaginable hours toting around adorable kids and heavy diaper bags on the same side of their bodies (fitness tip: switch sides!). They spend even more hours a week sitting in a car, hunched over a desk or computer, misaligned, stressed and fatigued!

Happily, after only a small number of sessions with me, their awareness, coordination and overall movement patterns significantly improve. They feel healthier, more confident and more in tune with how their physical condition affects their mental wellbeing.

Q: What makes Tiffany Davidson and Femme Fatale Fitness unique?

I absolutely LOVE what I do and my clients feel my enthusiasm! I tailor a fitness program for each client, and I am willing and eager to share my knowledge and to answer their questions. I take great pride in seeing my clients gain confidence as they become aware of their bodies and transcend physical boundaries.

Having said that, I am a firm believer that a personal trainer is only as good as the specialists she consults. I am fortunate to work closely with a team of skilled physical therapists, nutritionists and massage therapists. These are my “go to” people when I have questions.

The icing on the cake is that I am also the fitness columnist for the ultra-hip e-zine girlawhirl.com! My job is to keep up-to-date on the cutting edge of fitness which means that I get to test drive downloadable workouts, workout DVDs, equipment, books, clothing and more. It keeps my finger on the fitness pulse!

Femme Fatale Fitness
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