Rain Rain Go Away!

Ok it's day #2 of this rain and we're going a little bonkers over here. Anyone have any good rainy day activities to share? Personally I'm looking for a place for my toddler to just run around and blow off some steam but I'm sure parents with kids of all ages are eager for stuff to do that doesn't require a ton of cash or prior registrations. Just email me at fairfieldcountychild@gmail.com or hit "comments" below if you have any ideas. Thanks!


fairfieldcountychild.com said...

Thank you to Dina Dina Macdougall for this message full of great ideas!

"I was just on your site & noticed you would like to know some places to go for when it rains. There is a place in Monroe CT - about a 35 minute drive called Playtime Village. It's fantastic. Open area with play areas & 6/7 imagination stations, a tumbiling room (when there are no parties) & a cafe with healthy snacks for you & the kids. Also it's only $8.00 for your child & free for you. Socks only no shoes. And if you want to leave & go back there's no extra fee. My 2 yr. old son & I went up with a couple of friends & it was a blast! Also there is a place in Norwalk called Elephant Steps. There is a membership fee & then you could either buy a coupon book or a package. They also offer classes. It is a real fun place that has a water room similar to Stepping Stones, a little food market & kitchen & story corner,a tumbling area for little ones & then the mesh & screened play area with slides & tunnels & things for your little oone to climb through. I've even gone in & it's quite a workout. They also have Friday night parties sometimes for members & non members for a fee. Like on May 30th they are having from 6-8 a Reggae Summer party with a recording group there. The parties are a lot of fun. We went to one with Gwendolyn & the Goodtime Gang (Kids Rock band) (google them, your daughter will love them!) Thanks for the great site. Good Luck"

Deb said...

Well, it's sunny today, but I think we're due for more rain later this week.

A few ideas for free:
Library, walk around Westchester mall (covered parking, nice change from Stamford mall), new playspace in Stamford mall.

And although it's not free, memberships to the aquarium and children's museum in Norwalk are pretty inexpensive for the year, so you can really get your money's worth by having these memberships on hand.

Hope this helps! =)