Share YOUR Favorite Kid-Friendly Restaurant in Fairfield County

Don't you hate when you go to a restaurant that claims it's kid-friendly and then you realize it's totally not true? I've learned that just because a place has a kids' menu does NOT mean they want me and my super active toddler there. And I've learned that sometimes restaurants that don't appear to be ideal for kids end up being wonderful choices (Luc's Cafe in Ridgefield for example).

We really like to go out to eat, so I'm looking to you to let me know where you bring your kids for a decent meal. Go ahead, just hit "comment" below and post your favorite restaurants or email me at fairfieldcountychild@gmail.com and I'll post it myself. In the meantime, I'll mention the three places I've already reviewed here (Luc's Cafe in Ridgefield, Fat Cat Pie Company in Norwalk and Centro in Greenwich, Darien and Fairfield). I'd like to add two more to the list:
  • Mackenzie's on High Ridge Road in Stamford. If you're looking for a basic burger and servers that are more than accommodating towards kids, this is your place. We've visited twice now and have been really happy.
  • Tequila Mockingbird in New Canaan. Good Mexican food and a loud dining room that drowns out the sound of my screaming daughter.
Also, I've heard some great things about Route 22 in Stamford and The Beach Cafe in Fairfield but I have yet to visit both. Their web sites mention that they offer activities for kids so you can enjoy your meal. Imagine?? At Beach Cafe, they can even enjoy a movie, dinner and popcorn upstairs while you dine like grownups downstairs. Sounds heavenly to me.

Let me know your favorite family-friendly restaurants by clicking "comment" below or emailing me at fairfieldcountychild@gmail.com. Thanks!


fairfieldcountychild.com said...

Thanks to a reader from Darien who pointed out three more great family-friendly restaurants:

Colony Grill in Stamford - best pizza anywhere in my book!

Gates in New Canaan

Sugar Bowl in Darien

Lambira said...

OK, I have to say that we don't dine with the littles that frequently - I'd rather just set a $20 bill directly on fire than order them food and have them fuss over it for an hour, and then have to feed them again when we get them home.

Having said that, when we do eat out with the youngsters, here are our no-stressers:

1) Parkway Diner on High Ridge Road in Stamford - great pancakes and a back room where they stash all of the young families. Plus, a mounted TV in the corner of that room that you can turn on if you need to distract the kids.

2) California Pizza Kitchen, Stamford Mall. It's the toddler version of the Blue Plate Special if you go at 5pm on a weekday. EVERY table has a kid at it. And the kids meals are priced reasonably, they serve alcohol which is a requirement if Manager Mom is going to dine there.

3) Any Cosi Sandwich Place - Smores dessert. A powerful motivator to secure good manners during the rest of the meal. Also see my note re: alcohol, from above.

I always see people eating at Shiki and Kiku Sushi with kids... I guess for the 99.9% of children in the world that eat rice, a sushi place is actually not a bad option and provides some live entertainment for kids to watch the sushi chefs. But my kids won't eat plain rice and are completely horrified by the idea of sushi. I have an easier time getting them to go to the dentist than darkening the doors of a sushi restaurant.

Kristen and Shawn said...

we went to route 22 a couple of weeks ago. It is very kid friendly depending on where you sit. We did not have great service there. I think out waiter took our order and we didn't see her again until she gave us the bill. Maybe it was just a busy night. The kids food looked fun, it comes out in a car cardboard box. They also have popcorn on the table. We would be willing to try it again. Monday nights I think you get a free milkshake with every meal. There is a calendar of events on their website. Friday there is supposed to be a magician or balloon man. He wasn't there the night we went, but maybe it isn't every friday night.

Courtney said...

The Brewhouse in SoNo is very kid friendly. I have a 10 month old and never mind if she becomes verbally active while I'm in there!

Anonymous said...

We love the Cookhouse in Darien. It is spacious, and has a great kids menu and friendly service. Plus it has a little alcove full of coloring books, crayons and a tv playing cartoons.

fairfieldcountychild.com said...

This just in from a VERY helpful reader:

The Bulldog - located in Norwalk and Cos Cob. Both are pub style but Norwalk location is very small but conveniently located near the Maritime Aquarium. Cos Cob location is busy (parking limited) but worth a try. Also, if you have a booster seat (keep it in the car) just in case they run out of highchairs.

Route 22 - located in Stamford. The place is always entertaining (lots of kids) and you can get a "paper car" for the ride home (just be sure they don't eat it...my son still puts everything in his mouth!).

Lord & Taylor CAFE - if your shopping and need to feed the little one...they are very accommodating. You can also bring the stroller in and they will seat you in the back as to not disturb the customers. The hostess (AnnMarie) just loves the little ones.

Not sure if your covering Diners...but the Bullshead Diner is great too. I also use the Barnes & Noble cafe (Stamford Mall) as a place to eat and the Starbucks cafe at Target.
Hope this helps other moms who want to get out during the day.

fairfieldcountychild.com said...


We love taking the kids (9 month old and 4 year old) to the Burger Bar in Norwalk (SoNo). They have a fantastic kids menu, offer crayons and activity sheets as well as coloring options on the table. They also have games (like Connect 4 etc.) available to play at your table. The food is fabulous (yummy organic burgers and many other choices)! I like going there because unlike some other "kid friendly" places I have dined, I actually feel like I am out at a real, cool restaurant when we go to the Burger Bar.

The Burger Bar
58 N Main St
Norwalk, CT 06854
(203) 853-2037

Anonymous said...

We love taking our 11 month old daughter to Rio Border Cafe in Norwalk. The place is loud enough that no one hears her if she gets in that mood and we never wait long for our food to come out.

Also, Outback is super family freindly in Wilton.

Anonymous said...

We went to Kiku Sushi Restaurant in Stamford, CT and what a horrible experience not only did we have to endure the rudest nastiest waitress that told us she was part owner but we both ended up getting very very sick.

Brooklyn Enthusiast said...

Swanky Franks in Westport and Gingerman in Greenwich is very kid-friendly!

Anonymous said...

O'Neill's Irish Pub and Restaurant in SONO...great, reasonably priced, kids menu and they provide crayons and an activity page for coloring. The food is excellent and it's a friendly, relaxed atmosphere that families can feel comfortable in and enjoy.

Nguyen Duc said...
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