Who's Going Green in Fairfield County?

A few weeks ago, in preparation for Earth Day, I asked you to fill me in on local businesses or organizations that are "going green"... thanks for the great response! I'd love to add to the list below, so if you know someone else who deserves to be recognized for their efforts, just hit "COMMENT" below this post and share it with all FairfieldCountyChild.com readers (you can post anonymously or use your name or email me and I'll add the info). I hope you'll join me in supporting the organizations below who are taking the extra steps to focus on sustainability and a healthier future for our kids!

Connecticut Green Scene - A local community resource for environmental news, education and events

Darien Sport Shop - Who knew? Darien Sport Shop is very green. They've taken a "green pledge" along with several other local businesses. Among the steps they're taking to take better care of the enviroment: Using a Mercedes “SMART CAR”to reduce fuel consumption during deliveries (see above), using only recycled paper in its wrapping, packaging and stationery, using the new energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs, and replacing its paper-based record keeping with an electronic system.

Fat Cat Pie Company - local organic ingredients and delivery vehicles that run on cooking oil, rather than gas, make this kid-friendly Norwalk restaurant even more yummy in my book!

Glamorously Green - Based in Norwalk and founded by 2 local moms, Glamorously Green is a FairfieldCountyChild.com advertiser (thanks GG!) who designs and sells fashionable, resuable tote bags that are earth friendly and very cute.

Green Demolitions - Based in Greenwich, this company turns "trash" into treasure by reusing and recylcing donated kitchen and bathroom appliances and selling them at 50-70% off retail.

New Canaan Country School - I am so impressed by the NCCS. They're taking serious steps to not only educate kids about the importance of caring for the environment, but actually putting words into action too. Click here to read all about these programs, from using green cleaning products to recycling.

Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut - is a growing community of farmers, gardeners, land care professionals, businesses and consumers that encourages a healthy relationship to the natural world.

Our Green House - This shop in Sandy Hook sells glass baby bottles (no BPA), all natural pacifiers, organic toys and baby clothes and environmentally friendly cleaning products. I keep meaning to visit but haven't had the time!

Southern Yankee - Hey it might seem like a small step but if more companies followed Southern Yankee's lead, our landfills would be a lot less crowded. This Wilton-based company reuses vintage hankies and linens to adorn ordinary children's onsies and dresses into extraordinary little pieces of art!

Red Bee Honey - This Weston-based company makes and sells organic honey and skin care products but it's their commitment to children that really makes them stand out in my book. Click here to read about their work with Staples High School students.


Eila said...

Meg, thanks for highlighting New Canaan Country School in your green entry. As a parent at the school, I've been so impressed with their commitment to the environment. From artwork made from recycled materials to the amazing new upper school LEED bldg, from giving the kids an opportunity to compost leftover foods to teaching them about sustainability in an age appropriate manner...this is an amazing educational environment that nurtures and respects.

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