The Burger Bar in South Norwalk

Just wanted to point you all to some recent comments that have appeared in response to my post about kid-friendly restaurants in Fairfield County. I didn't want them to get buried because there are some great ideas from readers. The most recent is from Alicia in Norwalk who wrote about the Burger Bar in South Norwalk. It's on my list of restaurants to try but I haven't had the chance so thanks for taking care of that for me, Alicia! Here's what she had to say:

"We love taking the kids (9 month old and 4 year old) to the Burger Bar in Norwalk (SoNo). They have a fantastic kids menu, offer crayons and activity sheets as well as coloring options on the table. They also have games (like Connect 4 etc.) available to play at your table. The food is fabulous (yummy organic burgers and many other choices)! I like going there because unlike some other "kid friendly" places I have dined, I actually feel like I am out at a real, cool restaurant when we go to the Burger Bar."

The Burger Bar
58 N Main St, South Norwalk
203. 853.2037
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Manager Mom said...

I don't even eat red meat, but that Burger Bar looks tasty.

jangerame said...

the burgers are awesome, great beer menu.. and there are games and crayons on the tables... what more can you ask for when dining woth your 3 kids!?!?!?

eastcoastac said...

I love burger bar, my wife and I can have a great meal and the kids are happy with the food and games.We also entertain friends and clients at burger bar it is a very flexible bistro. Top notch...