FairfieldCountyChild.com Readers Receive 10% off At MoBoLeez - Modern Bonnets for Breastfeeding Babies

There's no question that breastfeeding is great for baby, but that doesn't mean that mom wants it to all hang out. I found breastfeeding in public and even among family and friends in my own home pretty awkward. Whatever I used to maintain any sense of modesty usually failed and I found it very frustrating.  If and when baby #2 comes along, I'm happy to be armed with my new MoBoleez hat that I won recently through a giveaway on www.MoBoleez.com

MoBoleez hats are cute little bonnets for baby to wear during a feeding. They're made of all natural fibers (a combination of bamboo and cotton - easy to care for and very breathable) and the oversized brim shields the baby from distracting light and noise while it provides mom with some privacy. The hats come in beautiful colors with whimsical designs that celebrate breastfeeding in a lighthearted way. 

MoBoleez kindly donated a hat to the recent MOM E Fair Silent Auction to benefit the Better Beginnings Program at the Darien/Norwalk YWCA. Thank you to company founder Diane Sam for her generosity! I hope you'll take a look at www.MoBoLeez.com and consider buying a hat for yourself or as a gift for a new mom. 10% of all proceeds go to the Children's Miracle Network.

To receive 10% off your MoBoleez purchase, just enter the code "fairfieldcountychild" at check out. 

(photo above courtesy of MoBoLeez.com)

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