Phenomenal Weather Family Day at the Bruce Museum on Sunday, June 1

Here is an event where you will NOT find me. I find any discussion of the weather incredibly boring. To me it's like talking about traffic. There's not much you can do about it, so to me it's not worth talking about.

But I know that many people find the weather fascinating and that's why I wanted to share this event with you. Plus it's free with museum admission and I'm all for getting the kids more in touch with nature, which this will do. Next Sunday at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich it's Phenomenal Weather Family Day. This event runs from 1pm - 4pm and former TV weatherman Art Horn will be there to present "How They Make the Forecast" at 3pm (zzzzzzzzzzz....). Kids can make their own windsocks and rain gauges and check out the ongoing Phenomenal Weather exhibit (which actually sounds kind of cool). For more details, click here.

The Bruce Museum
One Museum Drive, Greenwich

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