One Lucky FairfieldCountyChild.com Reader to be Chosen As Blogging "Soccer Mom"!*

When you hear "soccer mom" what do you think of? The stereotype of the suburban mom in the minivan who watches from the sidelines while her kids compete on the field? Take that image and toss it out the window. "Soccer Mom" has a whole new meaning!

Greenwich 1-on-1 just announced the new Soccer Moms class for women who are eager to learn the game of soccer, or for women who have played before and want to get back into the game. Classes meet Wednesday mornings (starting the week of May 5th) at Binney Park in Old Greenwich.

The class was developed by Melissa Davis, Greenwich 1-on-1's Sports Program Director, who launched the same thing in LA awhile back. About that West coast class, she says "We had strollercizers and PTAers, tennis players and joggers, gym rats and shoppers. The closest anyone had come to playing soccer was field hockey, but on the very first morning, after a few simple instructions on footwork and some dribbling drills, participants began to scrimmage and score goals. It's an unbelievable work-out guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your life."

If this sounds like something you'd be into and you'd be willing to blog about the experience, please contact Melissa Davis at melissa.davis@greenwich1on1.com or call 203.344.9277. Greenwich 1-on-1 is offering free classes to one FairfieldCountyChild.com reader who's willing to get out there, play hard and write about it on their site at www.greenwich1on1.com. You've got nothing to lose! This offer is first come, first serve so contact Melissa soon.

For more information about the Soccer Moms program, visit http://greenwich1on1.com/soccermoms.aspx.

* Greenwich 1-on-1 is a paid advertiser on FairfieldCountyChild.com. Image above courtesy of Greenwich 1-on-1. To read an interview with co-founders Valerie Erde and Melissa Davis, click here.

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