And Now for Something Completely Different ... Father's Day Ideas From Dad Himself

(Note: Father's Day is approaching so I thought it was time for dads to have a say on FairfieldCountyChild.com. Today there will be no talk of fashion stylists, prenatal massages or breastfeeding coverups. Instead you'll hear from local guest blogger, Kevin of Always Home and Uncool. He has some great ideas for stuff do with/for Dad in Fairfield County. Thanks to Kevin for the ideas below! You can hear more from Kevin at www.blogonkevin.blogspot.com)

Hey, there, fairest FairfieldCountyChild.com patrons:

I'm Always Home and Uncool -- a Stamford native and work-at-home dad with three kids (girl, boy, Labrador retriever), a globetrotting executive wife and a blog that's loathed by my city's school officials. Punks.

You've probably seen me around. At holiday time, I'm the only father at the elementary school helping the kindergartners make gingerbread houses. Or, you might have spotted me walking the pup as you whizzed by in your Volvo V70 on route to making another spellbinding PowerPoint presentation on … uh, business stuff. Perhaps you noticed me -- four days of stubble on my cheeks -- shopping at the Grade A at 11 a.m. on a Wednesday. I was the male under age 73.

If you saw me, you probably thought, "Poor fella … unemployed and all."

No worries. Happens all the time.

Well, Meg rammed my shopping cart one day and asked me over to her blog. I'll try not to trample all the estrogen.

Father's Day is coming and, if I may speak on behalf of all my fellow sperm donors, we are tired of being shortchanged every year. A tie? Yeah, and how would you like it if you received a bra on Mother's Day? The Playtex 18-hour kind, at that. See my point?

Here are my humble suggestions for family-friendly ways to give the man in your life his due on June 15:

Take him out to the ball game -- Venture up to Bridgeport (yeah, it's part of our county -- don't be snobbish) and watch the Atlantic League's Bridgeport Bluefish play the Somerset Patriots at 2:05 p.m. In addition to the game, you get views of the Long Island Sound , the passing Metro-North trains and the Port Jeff ferry. Food and souvenirs are priced reasonably. There's also a kids' play area in the stadium. If Dad once had big league dreams, for $275 you can sign him up for Father's Day Fantasy Camp that morning. It includes breakfast, batting practice with the players, participation in a game against other Dads, four tix to the real game, a Tommy John autographed baseball and … ugh, a Bluefish necktie.

Mmm … bar-beee-cuuue -- Nothing says Dad like smoked beast. Rather than making him singe his eyebrows over the Weber, take him and the kids out to The Cookhouse on the Post Road in Darien. Pulled pork, ribs, brisket … I'm drooling already. The sauces come in Original, Hot and Scary. That last one will Nair your bikini line.

Fore for all -- You don't have to play golf to enjoy Sterling Farm Golf Course on Newfield Avenue in Stamford. Pick up a cheap portable grill at the drug store for a cookout on the course's front lawn. While you rotate the weenies, the kids can play on the well-shaded playground or maybe Dad can show them how to putt on the practice green or smash a forehand on the tennis courts (watch it here -- they sometimes make you pay to play). Or, wander up to the Player's Club restaurant for a burger, Redhook ESB from the tap and round of Golden Tee while you watch the golfer hack their way down the 10th fairway. They also have the great Curtain Call community theater but that afternoon's Always Patsy Cline may not be the hubby's pint of lager (or the kids' Sippy Cup of juice). Hold on, Suessical is coming in August.

That's it. Don't forget to thank Dad for all he does. It could pay off for you Moms in the long run, according to a new study by Ohio State University researchers.

Oh, if there's another at-home Dad out there reading this: Hang tough, my brother. You are not the only man among the mommies. It only seems that way. You (OK, and the Mrs., too) are always welcome to commiserate with me at www.blogonkevin.blogspot.com. Cheers!


fairfieldcountychild.com said...

Hey FairfieldCountyChild.com readers...what are YOUR plans for Father's Day in Fairfield County? And what did you think of the ones above from Kevin?

Stamford Talk said...

The Bluefish games are really fun. I got CRACKED with a foul ball right in the shoulder, but I guess that's a risk at any baseball game. Still, consider yourselves forewarned.

Manager Mom said...

I've heard good things about The Cookhouse before. But there's a chance I might have to travel on Father's Day for a meeting the day after...if that's the case, would a bundle of beef jerky tide him over until I got home?

arLeNe said...

Whether the dad in your life is into high-tech gadgets, grilling, or sporting gear (or all three), you'll find the perfect gift for him with our Suggestions for Father's Day Gift Ideas