Enter the Best Lemonade Stand in America Contest! Deadline is September 3, 2008.

I am a HUGE fan of INC. magazine for a few reasons. A) My sister used to work there so I've met a lot of the writers and they are amazing talented people that inspire me and my entrepreneurial efforts with each issue they publish. For anyone out there who owns a business, I highly recommend you get yourself a subscription. B) They do cool stuff like The Best Lemonade Stand in America Contest . 

If your kid is between 5 and 12 years old, they're eligible to win a $1000 savings bond and $200 worth of school supplies. Plus they'll be featured with photos on www.INC.com. To win, they'll need a kick ass lemonade stand a mom or dad to fill out the online contest form (that's YOU!).  For rules and more details, click here. The deadline is September 3, 2008. Good luck!! 

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Manager Mom said...

I am IN! wow, thanks so much for posting this!!!