Meet the Goodie Bag Girls!

So I went to a great party last night for a friend's birthday. I left with a nice buzz and a cute little goodie bag filled with delicious cookies that I gobbled up on the car ride way home. Life was good.

This morning as my daughter and I polished off the remaining crumbs, I noticed a sticker on the bag pointing me to The Goodie Bag Girls. It turns out it's a business run by two women from New Canaan who will save you the time and effort of putting together goodie bags for your next party by doing it themselves. 

They do personalized goodie bags for kids' parties, adult parties, corporate events and showers and you can see on the web site that they're all tastefully done with themes to suit any occasion or age.


Manager Mom said...

I just went to a kids birthday party this weekend that was run by Fish Bowl Pets on Hope Street in Stamford. In addition to an animal show, they also provide live pet goody bags.

We got a Betta fish from the party, but they also offer a "captive bred madagascar hissing cockroach" favor package. For only $5.99 per child. No joke! http://www.fishbowlpets.us/party.htm

I can tell you this, if anyone gave my kid a cockroach to bring into my house, it would unleash ONE MILLION dollars worth of righteous Manager Mom fury.

Stamford Talk said...

What the hockey sticks!

Ah, the world of tiny, disposable pets.

Ali in New Canaan said...

Thanks for the info. I had a party for on of my girls (8) last weekend and The Goodie Bag Girls were easy to work with and reasonably priced. The bags were unique and had real stuff in them not the palstic stuff we usually see. What a help... They have a new phone 203 966-8627 check out the site.. www.thegoodiebaggirls.com