Bust Out Your Birkenstocks... Summer Solstice Concert & Drum Circle Saturday June 21 in Weston

If you're looking for a fun, simple way to celebrate the arrival of Summer with your kids, I recommend you check out the Summer Solstice Concert with Music for the Planet next Saturday at the Norfield Grange in Weston.   Click here to read about a concert I attended there in the past so you'll have an idea of what to expect. 

It's a mix of world music  and a drum circle and the audience is encouraged to participate. They even hand out a limited number of drums and other percussion instruments to the audience, so the kids get really into it because there is no "wrong" way to drum. The chaos of everyone drumming together somehow ends up sounding pretty beautiful (at least to me, but I'm no musician). Plus the Norfield Grange is just a cool place to visit. It's a great rustic building set deep in the woods where you can really get away from it all (think Blair Witch Project with great music and a lot less scary).

Summer Solstice Concert
Saturday, June 21 at 7pm
(image above courtesy of Google images)

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