Sweet Retreat Sampling at Whole Foods Farmers Market in Greenwich This Thursday, June 12th

I recently met Alison Carriere, cofounder of Sweet Retreat, through a friend. Based in Norwalk, Sweet Retreat has developed a delicious granola that makes a great snack for kids. It's all natural and made with healthy ingredients like oats, honey, nuts and fruits. Before I tasted it I thought, just another granola... then I tasted it and I realized that all the time and effort that Allison and her husband (her co-founder) put into this granola has really paid off. It's super fresh and not dry like other granolas. It's slightly sweet without being too sugary. My daughter loves it plain or sprinkled over yogurt.

Sweet Retreat comes in two fun flavors:

“Simplicity” is their signature blend. It's made with heart-healthy nuts, organic rolled oats, and a hint of toasted coconut.

“Harmony” blends succulent dried cranberries and plump raisins with the Simplicity base. 

To sample these delicious flavors, visit Whole Foods in Greenwich this Thursday, June 12th. Sweet Retreat will be there along with Kessman Farms, City Girl Country Girl Cookies and Preserve our Preserve for a farmers market in the parking lot from 8am - 1pm and if their granola is well-received, Whole Foods might carry Sweet Retreat products which would be H-U-G-E and if anyone deserves such a thing, Allison does. She's been busting her butt round the clock to build this business and make the best damn granola around. 

Sweet Retreat is also sold at Villarina's in Southbury and Newtown.

Whole Foods Market
90 E. Putnam Ave
Greenwich, CT 06830

For more details on the Whole Foods farmers market, click here

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kate said...

can't wait to check them out at the Fodor Farm market! :)