Earn a Free Pair of Shoes at Delson Shoes in Wilton

I don't even have a school-aged child yet, but my ears are perked and my eyes are open for those of you who do. When I'm out and about in the area, I'm looking for back to school deals for you. Gas prices are up. Food prices are up. Who needs to spend a ton for back to school clothes and supplies? You don't.

My first find for you is Delson Shoes in Wilton. I stopped in to buy my daughter a new pair of sneakers (see above, aren't they cute?). Sure the selection for babies, kids and adults was great and the service was pretty good, but what struck me about Delson Shoes is their loyalty program. Here's how it works. For every twelve pairs of shoes you buy, you get one pair free. Now I know how often I'm buying shoes for my family of three and I know we'll reach twelve pairs of shoes in no time. So, I can only imagine a family with two, three or four kids. You cold save some serious cash, right? At Delson Shoes, they average the price of your first twelve purchases and that determines the value of your free pair of shoes. And keep in mind, this applies to shoes for you too, not just kids' shoes.

Delson Shoes carries all the quality brands you'd expect, like New Balance, Crocs, Geox, Converse, Hush Puppies, Echo, Merrell, Jumping Jacks, Bass, Skechers, Kenneth Cole and Lelli Kelli.

Look for Delson Shoes close to the Norwalk line in that shopping center with Borders and Zetinia's Market on Route 7. 

Delson Shoes
14 Danbury Road, Wilton
203.762.9495 Here is the second.

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