**This 4th of July, I'm Celebrating Freedom From My Computer**

I'll be back on Monday, but in the meantime, why don't you check out these other  sites that don't appear to be taking a vacation? They mostly feature recipes and craft projects that I don't have the time or attention span to accomplish, but there are some cool 4th of July projects in here for those who are feeling ambitious:

The Parsley Thief - not only does this site feature beautiful food photography -- it's written by another Fairfield County mom!

Hello My Name is Heather - This lady is so crafty it makes me almost sick. Lucky for her, her crafts are cool and mod and the ice cream/pretzel combo she's featuring today looks delicious, so I will forgive her.

This Is Not Going to Help - This Fairfield County mom offers nothing in terms of crafts or cooking (my kind of girl), but she will make you laugh!

Design Mom - I'm a huge huge fan of this site run by Gabrielle Blair, a Westchester mom who manages to dig up the most beautiful items for babies, children, moms and the home. Check out her 4th of July post. I'm loving the political magnets she's featuring and plan to stock up on some to give as gifts this election year.

Martha Stewart - Well she used to live in Fairfield County so she deserves a spot here and as much as I love to hate her, I have to admit there are some cool 4th of July projects and recipes featured here. The image above is stolen directly from her web site, but it gives you an idea of a project that might be fun to do if you actually have a spare minute this weekend.

That's all for now...Happy 4th of July!


wisewomencoffeechat.com said...

My friend, Manager Mom, (I get to live in the same corporate cube world that she does) told me to check you out. I live in Stamford, and have recently entered the blog world too. Your site is great - a wonderful resource.

My daughter recently was invited to a birthday party at Aux Delices (I know I'm not spelling this right) - it was great to be able to read what it was all about right here on your blog.

Looking forward to many more visits!

fairfieldcountychild.com said...

any friend of MM's is a friend of mine. welcome! your site looks great