Dan Zanes & Friends are Coming to the Ridgefield Playhouse in October!

In the Meantime, Check Out Dan Zanes' Exclusive FairfieldCountyChild.com Interview Below

When I heard that Brooklyn-based Dan Zanes and Friends had a new children’s CD out and that they’d be appearing at the Ridgefield Playhouse on October 10th, I thought, “Hmmm, this deserves some attention.” So here it is… an interview I did with Dan yesterday plus the latest FairfieldCountyChild.com SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL! I’m giving away copies of his latest CD, Nueva York!, to three lucky FairfieldCountyChild.com subscribers.

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You might recognize Dan from his appearances on Sesame Street, Noggin and the Disney Channel. His albums include collaborations with some of the best artists of our time, including Lou Reed, Sheryl Crow, Philip Glass and Suzanne Vega. I was introduced to his children’s music five years ago when my nephew was just a baby. My brother and sister-in-law raved about his appeal to both parents and kids alike. Now that I have my own toddler, she and I jam out to Dan Zanes & Friends in the car, in the house and yes I even listen to Dan on my iPod when I'm out for a run alone (told you he appeals to adults).

And now onto a Q&A with Dan Zanes who I had the honor of interviewing by phone yesterday.

Meg: I’m so psyched to hear you’ll be at the Ridgefield Playhouse on October 10th!What can we expect from your live show?
Dan Zanes: You can expect an all ages party. The kids lead the way, but it’s always an inclusive fun show.

MR: You’ve been making kids music for years now, but you first made a name for yourself in the ‘80’s with the Del Fuegos. Why the switch?
DZ: FUN! Making kid’s music is fun. Plus, I became a father. My daughter who is 13 years old now was an inspiration. I’ve learned so much from her. Now she’s a punk rocker wearing Doc Martens.

MR: Does she still come to your shows?
DZ: Yes and she’ll be performing with us at our holiday show in New York. She plays guitar.

MR: How can I help instill a love of music in my child?
DZ: Just expose them to it! Sing around the house. Have a backyard concert. I don’t like hearing from parents, “But I’m not musical.” Music is a joyful, social activity! I fondly remember my old man singing Danny Boy and Blue Tail Fly. Do I remember or care if he sang perfectly on key? No, of course not.

MR: What music did you listen to growing up?
DZ: I loved Pete Seeger, Woodie Guthrie, Lead Belly… their music wasn’t perfect, you know? These days so much music is made in a studio and it sounds like an empty swimming pool.

MR: Your latest album is in Spanish. How did you decide to go this route?
DZ: Well I didn’t want to miss out on the party! I wanted to celebrate the beautiful Spanish culture. We’re living in a fearful, divisive climate and I did it in the spirit of inclusion.

MR: You live in Brooklyn where it’s easy to expose kids to live music and diverse cultures. How can us ‘burb parents be sure our kids don’t grow up in a bubble?
DZ: Oh I don’t know, make it a goal? Look around you… if the programs at your local library don’t reflect the community population, do something to change that. My friends from different cultures have really helped me evolve and taught me a lot. Just make sure everyone is invited to the party.

MR: Finally, just two questions from my nephews who are huge fans!
DZ: Ok great!

Will (age 6): We love having dance parties at our house with All Around the Kitchen. Do you have any more DVD’s coming out?
DZ: Yes we do! We’re working on a DVD that should come out next year.

John (age 4): How do you get your hair to do that?
DZ: I just wake up and I don’t touch it. I just leave it as is.


Check out Dan Zanes and Friends at the Ridgefield Playhouse October 10th at 4pm and 7pm. In the meantime, enter to win their latest CD, Nueva York! Just email me at fairfieldcountychild@gmail.com by midnight on Monday! See details above.

Finally thanks to Dan for the fun interview. For more information, visit www.danzanes.com and listen to his music on MySpace.


jess said...

How cool you got to interview him, Meg. I've always assumed he'd be a nice fellow.


fairfieldcountychild.com said...

jess you assumed correctly! he was great to talk to.

patty said...

Oh I love him! Thanks for the post!

Always Home and Uncool said...

We saw him a few years ago. Now and then you could hear detect that old rock 'n' roll growl waiting to bust out into a Del Fuegos tune.