Free Car Seat Safety Checks in Danbury (Sept 6) and New Canaan (Sept 27)

You know what's not cool? When I'm driving 65 MPH through speeding traffic on 95 and I glance in the rear view mirror at my daughter who's trying to wiggle her little arms out of the car seat straps. This has been happening a lot lately and I just don't get it. I researched and bought the safest (and most expensive!) car seat that exists and yet, she manages to outsmart the damn thing. 

So this is why these two upcoming events from the Fairfield County SAFE KIDS Coalition caught my attention. I learned that 80% of all car seats are installed incorrectly. Scary stuff, right? Why not go get your seat(s) checked by the experts at one of the events listed below?

And before you go calling the authorities about the antics going on in my backseat, rest assured that whenever an incident like this happens, I pull over immediately and I'm constantly on the lookout for it now.

Saturday, September 6 at 10am at Green Tree Toyota in Danbury. Click here for all the details.

Saturday, September 27 in New Canaan at Karl Chevrolet Hummer. Click here for all the details.

For more information visit www.FCSafeKids.com


Nicole said...

Great post, Meg, very good to know! Thanks!

Mary Beth said...

Folks, Charlie Conway and his team are great! My husband and I used them when we found out that our local FD did not install our seat correctly for us .... they are terrific.

Better to be safe than sorry!