2008 Lower Fairfield County Preschool Directory Now Available. Get the Scoop on 25 Schools in Stamford, Greenwich, New Canaan and Darien

Yeah! The MOMS Club of Stamford's 2008 Preschool Directory is now available online. As a busy, unorganized mom on the preschool hunt for next September, I can tell you it is beyond useful. Yes, I may go so far as to say it's a lifesaver.

You'll find all the important details (like tuition costs, student/teacher ratio, registration deadlines, etc.) for 25 local preschools in Stamford, Greenwich, New Canaan and Darien. The ladies of the MOMS Club have gathered all this information and put it one spot and it's available free of charge to all of you.

Thanks SO much to the MOMS Club for this great FREE community resource. I think it'll save me hours of research. For more information about the MOMS Club of Stamford, visit www.geocities.com/momsclubofstamford.

To go directly to the directory, click here and be patient. I printed it out and I recommend you do the same. FYI, the PDF might be a little slow to load but it is so worth the wait. 


Deb DeFeo said...

Meg, thank you so much for helping us spread the word about this great resource!

Deb DeFeo
MOMS Club of Stamford-Central

Jenna said...

I wish there were a directory like this for western CT / Danbury area...I would love more information on GOOD preschools in the area!

fairfieldcountychild.com said...

Jenna I agree! Maybe you can take that on ;)

Jenna said...

If you want me to, let me know :)
I'll be happy to help

Anonymous said...

How about westport, weston area preschools? Any thoughts on that area?

Angela said...

I love my son's school, which I did not see in the directory. The Canaan Ridge School in North Stamford is a great, nurturing and challenging first school experience. My son is not yet in Kindergarten and is already reading early readers, writing and doing basic math. He absolutely loves school and runs to the door every day. Their website is www.canaanridgeschool.org.

Angela R., North Stamford resident

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