Child Proof Coach Tip of the Month: Electrical Safety

Please welcome FCC's latest sponsor, The Child Proof Coach (aka Jay Martel). He's a national expert on child safety and lucky us, he lives and works right here in Fairfield County. Ask around, I bet at least one of your friends has used his services in their own home. He's the go-to guy for keeping our kids safe and secure.

Going forward, Jay will share a new safety tip for the FCC community on a monthly basis. I found this first one about electrical safety really eye-opening and I bet you will too. Now excuse me while I go replace all my potentially lethal outlet covers with kid-friendly ones. 

*Electrical Safety*

What is the first childproofing measure most parents take when their baby becomes mobile?
They plug up the outlets. Consumer Reports 11/05 says, WRONG.

The standard plastic outlet plug is unacceptable. That's right.They wind up all over the house. They are choking hazards.

In some states it is illegal for day care centers to use these. They come out easily and if they don't, you have to get a screw driver or butter knife to pry them out. Children learn by what we do. You just taught your child to head for the outlets with a sharp metal object. 

USE sliding outlet covers, outlet cover boxes, cord cover, power strip coverstape wires, barricade access under desks. No electrical appliances anywhere near the tub. No cords near the crib (watch those monitor cords!). 

The only kind of JUICE your child needs comes from fruit. 

Of course, if you have a unique situation, as always, ask The Coach!

You can reach me through my web site at www.childproofcoach.com or give him me a call at 203-268-7800.

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