Hooray for Elephant Steps

I did it. I went and had a blow out birthday party for my 2-year-old. I even dressed her in a sparkly "birthday girl" tshirt. I always swore that I'd keep birthdays simple, but when there are a ton of kids to invite, you live in a smallish space, you hate clean-up and it's December, you find yourself hunting for an indoor facility to host a party.  So much for pizza and cake at home.

I checked out a bunch of places but booked the party at Elephant Steps in Norwalk and I'm so happy I did. The place is clean and bright and childlike without being all primary colors and plasticy. For those of us who care about these things, when you enter, there's this adorable little cafe area with wainscoting and tables and chairs where you can get snacks for kids and coffee/tea for adults. We kept a tab running during the party so all the party guests and their moms and dads could help themselves. The facility is closed to the public during birthday parties so this combined with the cafe creates a really nice homey feeling.

The party itself was extremely well organized. The 11 kids where kept entertained as they moved from room to room in 10-15 minute intervals. They started in the jungle gym area, moved to the water room (just like the one at Stepping Stones, but smaller), danced in the disco music room and ended in the gym where they could go berserk throwing balls, playing basketball and bouncing off the padded walls. The last 30 mins took place in our private party room where we ate pizza and had birthday cake. Elephant Steps provides all the paper goods and juice and water for the kids. We had pizza and salad delivered and brought a cake.

The kids ranged in age from about 1 to age 7 and everyone, including the 20+ adults had a blast. Thanks to Elephant Steps for the memorable, effortless party. 

FYI, book your party waaay in advance. Spots fill up fast. 

Elephant Steps
205 Main Ave, Norwalk

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