* Olivia* Kinda Sorta a Local Celeb

Hey did you hear that the Olivia character is coming to TV tomorrow? I just heard over on my friend Jeanne Sager's blog and I must say, I'm weirdly excited. Something about the Olivia books really grabs me. I think it's the author/illustrator's humor and use of real artwork in the books. By real I mean  "grown up" art from Pollack and Degas, among others. So check out the new Olivia series on Nickelodeon  at 11:30am on Monday, January 26.

And just to make this post relevant to all the hyperlocal stuff I usually stick to, I must mention that Ian Falconer, the genius behind the Olivia series, lived in Rowayton as a kid. That's him above.

Pick up some Olivia books here


Jeanne Sager said...

I'm so excited to find another Olivia fan!

I am hoping that losing out Falconer's drawings won't mean losing out on the art too - but I was impressed by how well they did at turning the characters to color without losing the simplicity of his work.

Veronica Ponce said...

man I missed it and Olivia is my favorite!!!