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There's a job opening at a great company in Norwalk and I thought would be great for any parent looking to work part time. How do I know it's such a great company? Well, because I used to work there so you'll have to take my word for it. If you're interested, please send your resume to mchimes@1to1.com and be sure to mention that you heard about the job on FCC. 

Junior Sales Associate – Part-time 
Looking for a hard-working, detail-oriented team player to assist busy consulting firm identify and cultivate new business opportunities for our managed analytics division. Must have great communication and presentation skills, good database management and follow up abilities a must. Flexible attitude and a willingness to go beyond the job description required. 20 hours a week.

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Michael said...

We have a great opportunity for stay at home mom and dads alike. It's a fantastic way to shop online and get up to 40% cash back on all your purchases. We cover the 2 hottest markets in the world today, E-Commerce/The Go Green Movement. In our first 10 months of operations we went from Zero Revenues to $46 Million in Net Earnings 80% of that growth was in Florida so we have brought it here. There is opportunity for all at this moment in time. You will meet some of the Sharpest people around. We are in and Out in 45 Minutes. Please arrive on time, we start Promptly. Call 203-667-8113 for information