Talk for Parents of Preemies at Stamford Hospital, Tuesday March 31

Another talk for parents... this one from the Tiny Miracles Foundation. 

Coping with Family After the Birth of Your Premature Child
Stamford Hospital
Whittingham Pavillion - Group Room 1
Tuesday, March 31 at 7:30pm
Presenter, Anne D’Elia, LCSW
Parents of premature babies become overwhelmed with the needs of siblings, spouses and extended family after the birth of a premature child. Anne D’Elia will lead a group discussion with other parents of premature babies who can share their coping strategies for this difficult time.

Anne is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in counseling families regarding issues surrounding pregnancy and premature birth. She has been in private practice in Greenwich, CT for over 12 years and co-founded a support group at Greenwich Hospital that has run consistently for over 20 years.

RSVP: erikamorro@ttmf.org or 203-202-9714 


Eila Johnson said...

For anyone who is not familiar with The Tiny Miracles Foundation, it is a local non-profit that supports families who experience the premature birth of a child. You may participate in their programs, all free of charge, at any time (you need not have an infant...many preemie questions/concerns occur well after the time your baby has left the NICU). Anne is a wonderful, compassionate presenter. Parents will feel comfortable addressing their concerns/hopes in this meeting, and it's a nice opportunity to connect with other local parents who understand what you may be going through as the parent of a preemie.

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