Earth Day Giftaway...

Happy Earth Day! This very important day sort of snuck up on me, so I'm announcing a last minute giftaway to celebrate. In the spirit of conservation, instead of giving out physical *stuff* this time, I'll make a $100 donation in the winner's name to one of the organizations below. I chose a few organizations that are working locally to better our environment and to keep the creatures who inhabit this area safe. I found these organizations through JustGive.org, a great site where you can browse thousands of non-profits and make donations on behalf of another person. 
  • To win this giftaway, just leave a comment below with the organization you would like to receive $100 and why. Links are provided below. 
  • Be sure to leave your first name and town/city along with your comment (see sample below). 
  • Giftaway open only to FairfieldCountyChild.com subscribers. Not a subscriber? Just click here to become one. 
  • Choose one of these great organizations to receive $100
Connecticut Audubon Society

The winner will receive a note directly from JustGive.org as evidence of the donation. Good luck and thanks for entering. Contest ends tomorrow (Thursday April 23 at midnight).


meg said...

If I won, I'd direct my $100 to the Wildlife Orphanage in Stamford because I love that they take the time to look out for helpless creatures that may otherwise be overlooked.

Meg in Stamford

Anonymous said...

If I won, I'd love to see $100 go to PAWS. Now more than ever this organization could use the money to care for all of the animals that come their way.

Chris in Bridgeport

Anonymous said...

If I won, I'd like to see the money go toward Connecticut Fund for the environment to support our lakes, rivers, beaches and the Long Island Sound.
Katie in Stamford

Mary said...

If I won, I'd like the money to go to the Connecticut Fund for the Environment. If we don't have a healthy environment, we have nothing.

Cara in NYC said...

Thanks, Meg. What a great idea! I vote for the CT Audubon Society because of their great programming for kids.

http://twosicilianchicks.com said...
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http://twosicilianchicks.com said...

I would select PAWS because our daughters are so in love with animals and feels they need help because they can't help themselves.

Nina and Nicole
Norwalk, CT

AmyBow said...

I would give to the CT Audubon Society. My husband grew up going to the Fairfield center and my young daughters already enjoy all they have to offer.

Amy in Norwalk

Amy said...

Wow, that is a hard one. I would want to split the money to all!!! But, if I can only pick one, it would have to be Paws. I am a HUGE animal lover and saved my 1st love of my life, Max (my cat) from an animal shelter.

Amy in Wilton

Julie said...

What a great giveaway! I would give to PAWS since I love my two dogs and believe every animal deserves a good home.
Julie in Fairfield

Anonymous said...

I would choose PAWS as the organization to receive the $100 contribution. Pets have always been an important part of my life and it breaks my heart that so many are without a home. I have two lovely cats that I adopted and I'd take a pound puppy any day rather than buying a purebred.

If you select me as the winner, I will match your contribution of $100. Thanks!

kindermusik said...

I'd choose PAWS, because those dogs and cats always need more food and bedding!
Melissa from Stamford