My Time With Martha

Last Thursday a friend invited me to be her +1 at a live taping of the Martha Stewart show. She won the tickets through My Time for Me, a local group that offers social and educational events encompassing subjects that women have an interest in "dabbling" in - like wine tasting, flower arranging, pole dancing, learning to play golf, how to deal poker or in this case, going to see Martha in NYC. 

We had a great day. Martha taught me lots of Marthaish things (how to slice fennel, plant potatoes, arrange photos in a pleasing way on the wall). I thought the coolest thing, though, was seeing all the behind the scenes action at the studio and seeing Martha when the camera stopped rolling. She charmed the guests during an informal Q&A and even showed her scary side at one point when she snapped at staff members about a typo on the que cards. Now I see where she gets her rep for being shall we say... strongwilled?

The group of ten women from My Time for Me met for lunch afterwards and it was there that I got to learn a little more about the organization and its founders, Tracy Perrson and Andrea Lacasky. If and when I ever can find more "me time" (ha!ha!), I totally intend to hook up with this group. The members I met were all well-rounded cool chicks who make the time to focus on themselves and learn new things. They stress that if a woman isn't happy, no one around her will be either. It made me reexamine my own life and I vow to carve out more "me time" from now on. 

Andrea and Tracy, thanks for organizing a great day. 

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