Let's Talk About Swine Flu in Fairfield County

Ok it's all everyone's talking about. How are you handling the Swine Flu scare? I'm curious because so far, despite the news that it's hitting closer to home (see articles here and here and here), I'm still pretty much going about our day-to-day activities as if everything is a-ok. Maybe we're washing our hands a little more carefully and often, but nothing drastic. It appears that all my friends with little kids are handling it the same way.

How about you? Has the Swine Flu news scared you? Is your childs' school or daycare taking any action steps?  Thanks for leaving your comment below. 

PS. Just to clear up any confusion, that's not my kid above. It's just some silly photo that's been circulating around the Internet. 


Mary said...

More handwashing in our household, too. And making efforts to keep our distance from people who are coughing and sneezing. Nothing personal, Coughers and Sneezers! :)

Anonymous said...

.... and one very disgusting photo at that! Ha.

The Swine Flu has definitely got me freaked out, especially when our three year old had similar symptoms this past week and we ended up in the ER. Since it turned out to be pneumonia we're being areful around themommykelly household.

I think extra handwashing and cautiousness when scheduling playdates is really all any of us can do besides of course, become recluse mamas!

Meg said...

MommyKelly that's scary! Glad it turned out to be *just* pneumonia

jangerame said...

we haven't changed any habits..
but what a FUNNY pic!

Manager Mom said...

Well, I taught a class at Fairfield University and one of my students contracted Swine Flu on his spring break trip! But I was fine, and nobody in the rest of my class got it either.

pediatric emr said...

Yeah! this picture has been circulating in the net. I wish this baby is still safe from swineflu.