Get Answers to Your Breastfeeding Questions Tonight in Norwalk

Are you a mom who's successfully breastfed more than one of your kids? If so, I want to hear from you. See, I was all about breastfeeding my daughter when she was born and I did so for about 6 months. Now that I'm expecting #2 in November, I have some concerns about how I'm going to juggle a toddler and breastfeeding a newborn. When I think of breastfeeding, I think of sitting for hours a day. How on earth will I be able to sit so much when I'm dealing with another kid too (advice please?).

This event tonight with The Holistic Moms Network of Fairfield County seems like it might help alleviate any fears I have. I know it's last minute notice (sorry!) and I can't make it myself, but  I thought I'd pass it on. If you go, take notes and let me know what you learn!

"Breastfeeding Today"

Presented by
Lorna Aliperti,APRN,IBCLC

Everyone says breastfeeding is best-so why doesn't everyone breastfeed? Close to 75% of mothers start breastfeeding-at Norwalk hospital initiation rates are close to 90%-- but at 6 months, only 11% are exclusively breastfeeding. Why? What are the real benefits? Are there risks? Can anything be done to make it easier?

There are very real problems moms encounter, and there are also some ways to prevent or treat such difficulties. We'll discuss practical ways to help make things easier.

Not everyone is aware of some of the benefits of breastfeeding. One many have not heard of is a 50% reduction in SIDS. Breastfeeding is also recommended by the CDC as a way to protect babies against swine flu. Mothers who breastfeed benefit in important ways.

Many moms are worried about pollutants in breastmilk. There are things you can do to decrease the contaminants in your milk.

Finally, moms worry about the effect of herbs, vitamins, alcohol and medications on their baby. It helps to know the facts to make informed decisions.

These subjects and more will be discussed. Bring your questions.
Feel free to bring babies-this is not too formal of an evening!

Location: 156 East Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06851
At offices of:
Associates in Family Chiropractic
and Natural Health Care, P.C.
Contact: Dr. Risa Sloves
(203) 838-1555


Roxanne said...

Love LC Lorna - used her a couple of times! She is great and super knowledgable.

Anonymous said...

With regard to breastfeeding preventing swine flu, this is what the CDC says on their website: "There are many ways that breastfeeding and breast milk protect babies’ health. Since this is a new virus, we don’t know yet about specific protection against it." Nowhere do they suggest that breastfeeding can protect against swine flu, or any other flu for that matter. You should get your facts straight.

meg said...

Easy there. Thanks for the clarification.