Is Fairfield County Really So Uppity? Spill It In FCC's Latest Giveaway!

I'm sort of having a bad day. Nothing major, just busy and tired. But I found a site that's making me laugh despite it all. So I thought I'd share with you in case you're having a case of the Tuesdays too. 

Check out www.uppityshirts.com for a great selection of snarky tshirts for adults and kids. Uppity Shirts is based in Weston. Timothy Cataldo, the founder, sees the business as a reaction to "today’s pervasive and persistent sophomor(on)ic humor and lame p.c. posturing." Note: I could never have written such a great company description. Those words are all him.

Lucky you, Uppity Shirts is giving away two tshirts to two FCC readers! To win, just answer this question by leaving a comment below:

Do you think Fairfield County lives up to its uppity reputation? Why or why not?

  • Post your answer by Friday (June 5) morning at 9am. 
  • Please leave your first name and town along with the post (see sample below)
  • Check back here later on Friday when I'll announce the two winners. Each winner receives one t-shirt of his/her choice. 
Good luck and thanks to Uppity Shirts for making this giveaway possible!


meg said...

I'd have to go with no. Fairfield County is not too uppity. Look around us. we're surrounded by some of the most beautiful homes and luxurious shops in world, but I rarely come across that stereotypical uppity person. Everyone seems pretty cool, despite how fabulous their lives are.

Meg (Stamford)

Anonymous said...

I think there are definitely pockets of uppitiness. (Uppityness?) I've seen far too many examples of the entitlement mentality in Greenwich, where I live.

I love the story on the Uppity Tees website about the Connetiquette shirts, as I'm a real stickler for manners, and I used to complain to the principal at my kids' elementary school about how I wasn't getting the backup at school, where the kids spent the bulk of their time during the school year. At my son's school in England, kids used to wait to let the adults pass through the doors first. Here, they run you over with their trailing backpacks!

jangerame said...

first off... what a great website you found meg! funny stuff!
i think we have the good, the bad and the ugly in CT. we try and stick with the good... but i think the rest of the country sees CT (fairfield county) as a bunch of preps who spend their days at the club

Anonymous said...

renee (darien)
when 1 in 4 cars that drive by you are luxury foreign automobiles, just about every new mommy is pushing a bugaboo, uggs are a staple item from the parent to the newborn and mommies on playdates have actually said "isn't this quaint...we won't be returning here anymore" (upon noticing that your house isn't as big as most in town)...I would have to say we are all doing a good job of winning the most uppity county award! We are all people wanting a nice life and what's best for our children. It is too bad that being uppity gets in the way of helping each other out or saying your an amazing parent. There is just too much competition. Love your site Meg!!

Anonymous said...

Yes...it is uppity central. I wish I lived in a more "normal" place...where we focused more on life and happiness than all these superficial material things.

Alli The Gluten Free Guinea Pig said...

Where's the Greenbitch shirt? That one I'll buy.

Fairfield Mom said...

Wanting the best for yourself and your family is how I think of fellow Fairfield County residents. That in itself doesn't make us uppity. My friends, like us, aren't richie rich but do love the serene life of beaches, plenty of parks, lakes and scenic main streets. However, I have certainly seen some folks who appear to be the epitome of uppity. They don't talk to me so I can't confirm 100% whether they are uppity!
Karen (Fairfield)

tiffany davidson said...

i grew up in a working class town and i can say that uppity exists everywhere! i have lived in weston for 8 years and find the people there quite lovely. i'm a personal trainer and some of my clients are extremely wealthy and very low-key. my own personal experience tends to be that people are people no matter where you live.