NEVA Paintings

I finally made it to the Rowayton Farmers Market last Friday where I found lots of cool stuff from local farmers and artists (click here for list of vendors). My favorite, by far, was NEVA Paintings. Sandra Schulze of Stamford is the artist and owner behind NEVA and in her words, she turns memories into modern art by mixing photography, collage and acrylic painting. Not only do I love her work, but she's one accomplished lady. Check this out from her bio.."After her first child was born in 2007 Sandra opened Neva Paintings...She started out with children as her main subjects but the outcome of the 2008 presidential election and her imminent swearing in as a US citizen inspired her to take on her first adult subject, Barack Obama and start her “Political, Celebrity and Cultural Storyteller’s Series”. The Obama portrait was exhibited during the inauguration and widely hailed in local NYC area press. It is currently exhibited at corporate offices in Norwalk, CT."

She'll create a custom portrait of your child based on a photograph you give her and a simple interview with questions about your child's favorite stuffed animal, colors, sports, etc.

What you end up with is a big, bold, one-of-a-kind piece for your home. I'm loving the cool, calm colors and edginess to her designs. While these photos are lovely, you need to see her work in person to truly appreciate it. It's so striking and not at all cutesy.

Sandra's also busy working on a line of kids' t-shirts - also bold and not too cutesy. Check out all the styles at www.nevapaintings.com/kids/

Visit NEVA Paintings at www.NevaPaintings.com to learn more about the artist and to place an order for your own portrait.

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