Boden Focus Group Participants Needed: Earn $150 or $250 in Boden Clothes

Sadly, the trunk show division of Boden has been shut down, but I do have some good Boden news today. Angela Mushkin of New Canaan is organizing focus groups for Boden at her home and she's looking for participants. Boden pays either $150 in cash or $250 in boden credit for 1 1/2 hours of your time. She's looking for two types of participants - a "lapsed" Boden buyer and a "non-Boden" buyer. Below are the guidelines for participation in these groups. Please email Angela at tastefullyangela2002 AT yahoo.com if you fit the criteria and are interested or if you know someone who does.

LAPSED BUYERS Tues. Feb 2nd 10-11:30am

The group they are looking for must meet the following guidelines
1) Lapsed buyer (ideally of women's and children's lines) , having not bought from Boden over the last two seasons.
2) At least one child under the age of 9 in household for who you buy clothing.
3) 30-50 years old
4) Shops at 2 or more of the following retailers: J Crew, Banana Republic, Gap, Nordstrom.
5) Have not stopped buying solely because of the recession.

Please let Angela know if you are interested and available to participate. You'll receive a call to confirm your participation.

The group will last 90 minutes and the compensation will be $150 cash or $250 in Boden credit.

"Non Boden" Buyers Tues. Feb 2nd from 12-1:30
Same criteria as above only they have NEVER BOUGHT FROM THE WOMEN'S LINE AT BODEN. You could have bought for the kids, but never for yourself or never bought ANYTHING from any of the lines Boden has!!!

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Debo said...

anyone who wants some boden credit contact me