The Healthy Child in Darien - Best Pediatrician!

Wow that was quick! As promised, here I am again, back to blogging on a more regular basis. The baby is already almost 10 weeks old and while things are definitely not back to normal (whatever that is?), I'm out of that comatose state that I was in for the first few weeks after she was born. So, what's happening with you? Please email me with any new discoveries you've made for babies, kids and families in Fairfield County since I've been gone. I've been living under a rock and I welcome your input!

What I can share with you are some of the great experiences I've had since October. Whether you're a new mom or a veteran mom, I hope you can find some of this info helpful. Today I'll start with The Healthy Child in Darien. I can't say enough about this wonderful pediatrician's office. Dr. Windels and her team are the most caring bunch of doctors and nurses I have ever met. With a newborn, a three year old and lots of germs going around, we've spent a ton of time at The Healthy Child office in recent months. Each and every visit, whether it was a scheduled appointment or last minute visit in an emergency, Dr. Windels demonstrated how much she cares about my children. She's patient, funny, smart, kind and no bullshit. If you're looking for someone to sugarcoat a situation, find another doctor.

Back in November, I made the stupid decision to send my daughter to the ER when she was complaining of hip pain and unable to walk, rather than calling Dr. Windels. It turns out it was an odd, creepy virus called TOXIC SYNVONITIS (huh?) not some injury as I suspected. Well, Dr. W made it quite clear that I should call her, rather than make an unnecessary trip to the ER with a young child in the future. She was able to diagnosis the condition instantly while the ER sent my daughter to an orthopedist for a bunch of unnecessary xrays.

And how many doctors do you know who make housecalls these days? Newborns in The Healthy Child practice can have their first checkup at home. Not all insurance plans cover this service, so be sure to check with yours.

I'm not sure The Healthy Child is accepting new patients, but you can find out for yourself at:

The Healthy Child
722 Post Road, Darien


After Words said...

Completely agree. This is a great practice. After hours, Firefly Pediatrics in Stamford is good,and I've even had a good experience at the Immediate Care Center at Tully Center.

Anonymous said...

wait, what about Dr.Bailey at the Healthy Child. She is awesome as well. She spends tons of time with her patients and always returns phonecalls....LOVE THAT PRACTICE....

meg said...

Right I love Dr. Bailey too but it's Dr. Windels we deal with most of the time so that's why I focused on her. Now I feel badly! I agree, Dr. Bailey is awesome.

Terese said...

I LOVE Willows Pediatrics in Westport. Dr. Owens is our dr for our son. They are also an excellent group.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Flynn in New Canaan is amazing as well for those that want a male doctor for their kids!