Honeyspot Giveaway!

I first wrote about Honeyspot Art back when its artist, Sally Baxley, was living in Weston. She's now living in Charleston, SC. Her location has changed, but her work is still just as lovely and she just opened up two new shops on Etsy. To celebrate - she's offering a giveaway to FCC readers!

The winner can choose either:
Giveaway Rules
  • Just leave a comment below with your favorite Honeyspot piece
  • Be sure to leave your first name and town
  • I'll announce the winner on Thursday.
Good luck and thanks to Sally for making this giveaway possible!


meg said...

I love the Bon Bon print. That bird is so sweet and colors so soothing - perfect for a baby's room.
Meg, Stamford

Anonymous said...

I love the Tai Shan print. So cute!
Bridget, Darien

Anonymous said...

I love Rosalee Collection - Rosemary.. the colora are great!

Carolie, Stamford CT

amy said...

SO hard to choose! I think Ruby's Garden is my favorite, it's just so lovely.

Amy, Wilton

jangerame said...

Indulge--giclee print on canvas is my favorite! it incompases all of her ideas and colors

Jennifer, Wilton

kate said...

yay! cute stuff!

Monisha said...

Love the Urban Herbs Ruby Collection...great, cheerful pots and a wonderfully practical set of herbs.

Monisha, Greenwich

Mary, New Britain said...

The Ruby pot collection is so charming! So cheerful, so pretty! I love it.

Angela said...

I totally love the bird print! Could go in either a baby girl or baby boy's room just as easily!!!

Stephanie said...

Great stuff! Hootie is my favorite. I love all things owl! :)

Stephanie, Greenwich

Anonymous said...

these are beautiful - i can't decide

Bridget said...

I love the flower print, but they are all adorable!
Bridget, Stamford