This Just In: HUGE Going Out of Business Sale at Swaddle Toddle & Bump in Westport!

One of my favorite businesses for kids in Fairfield County is closing its doors. See this email I received below.


Dear Friends and Customers, Amy and I are sorry to say that the economy got the better of us. We love our store, but we can't keep doing it for free. We've got 17 days to clear out and move on. Everything is 50% off -- Cool T-shirts, toys, books, boppy's, slings, diaper bags, bottles. Even new merchandise for Spring is 50% off -- so you can get your fashion on at our cost.

Strollers in the store are on sale for cost. We will also have a rack of $20 items, including Rachel Riley spring Dresses and other items from last spring and this past fall. We're also selling hangars, playspaces, baskets and bins and anything else that isn't nailed down. Definitely ask or make us an offer.

On January 31st, the dream that was Swaddle, Toddle & Bump will turn into a pumpkin. So, act fast, if you're looking for deals. Thank you for your patronage and support. We'll miss you. Also: if you know anyone who dreams of having a turn-key space that's perfect for selling kids' clothing, let us know. It could be a dream come true. Alisha and Amy

125 Post Road East * Westport * 203-557-0509

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