Have You Been to Coalhouse Pizza in Stamford?

We went a little crazy this weekend and had dinner out on Friday and Saturday. Not exactly frugalista behavior but we had our reasons. On Friday I was like a caged animal after being cooped up all day during the snowstorm, so the four of us headed over to the new Coalhouse Pizza in Stamford. Loved it! So I've tasted better pizza (it was a little bland), but my Easy Rider salad with arugula and watercress was delish  So was the mac 'n cheese with broccoli rabe. We ordered it for the three-year-old but of course Mommy couldn't keep her grubby paws off it.

Perhaps just as impressive was the cool, slightly offbeat vibe at Coalhouse. The jazzy decor, great tunes and the selection of microbrews almost made me forget I was, in fact, eating at a strip mall in Stamford. Almost.

I have to mention how great the service was (very kid-friendly) and how cute the bathroom was too. I'm a sucker for cute restaurant bathrooms because it think it speaks volumes about a place. This one was lovely and clean! 

Coalhouse gets an A+ in my book and we'll defintely be back! Would love to hear your thoughts if you've been there.

Tomorrow, I'll let you know where we went on Saturday for *date night*. Another great find!


Anonymous said...

We went there too on Saturday night with a STARVING 3 1/2 year old and a 10 month old in the stroller. They couldn't have been nicer re-arranging the tables so the stroller fit and bringing out my sons pizza in an instant!

meg said...

same here! we rolled in with a starving 3 yr old and the baby in her carrier and it was packed so i had no where to put her down. they cleared space at the bar for us until the table was ready and as soon as we sat down they took our order. i was impressed!