It's a Gold Mine Parties Organized By a Local, Trustworthy Mom

Who couldn't use a little extra cash these days? I know we've all heard about selling our gold and I don't know about you, but I've been a little skeptical. Then I heard about It's a Gold Mine from my friend Sarina, a Rowayton mom. She's been working for It's a Gold Mine since last year and she'll meet with you face-to-face (no mailing your gold to some stranger!), assess and weigh your gold and write you a check on the spot, based on the value of gold that day.

You can learn all about It's a Gold Mine at www.itsagoldmineparty.com. There you'll read all about its stellar reputation and a recent Wall Street Journal article about its success.

You never know how much money is sitting in your jewelry box. A friend of mine recently attended one of Sarina's parties and walked out with $400! If you're interested in meeting with Sarina or if you'd be interested in hosting a gold party for you and your girlfriends, just email me at fairfieldcountychild@gmail.com and I'll put you in touch with her directly.

You don't even need to sell gold to make money with It's A Gold Mine Party! If you host a party, you get :

· $100 for food and beverages
· 10% commission on all the checks written at the party (That 10% is paid out of It's A Gold Mine Party's pocket, NOT out of your guests gold sales. That hefty incentive is the company's way of saying THANK YOU for your time and coordination of the event and advertising the company in your home).
· You can also make an additional $100 referral fee for every party scheduled with someone who says your referred them. It's that easy! Fundraisers work the same way but the commission is 15%.

To learn more, please contact me and I'll put you in touch with Sarina.

Here’s what some Fairfield County party hosts are saying about Sarina and It’s a Gold Mine:

“Sarina’s very friendly and social personality made it very easy for people to relax and have a great time. It was nice to see people make their own decision about what to sell with confidence in the information she provided, no pressure!" Carlotta Caruso, New Canaan

“Sarina was a pleasure to work with. She maintained a professional attitude regarding her work but was warm and engaging toward all of my guests. It was fascinating to watch the process as she tested and weighed the gold and she was more than happy to answer all the many questions she received from her rapt audience! Everyone was delighted to enjoy an evening out and leave with a cheque!"
Victoria Herbert, Rowayton

“I learned about It’s A Gold Mine Party LLC by being invited to a party in the area this past fall. It was a great opportunity to clean out some old jewelry boxes and sell the gold (and meet some other great women!)— all in a very efficient and trustworthy way. I was impressed with Sarina’s knowledge of the gold selling area and felt I was getting an excellent price. I returned to sell more items one-on-one with Sarina. The whole experience could not have been more efficient or positive. I highly recommend them.” Karen R. Brown, Rowayton


Michael Cohen said...

Is gold the next currency for an ageing Australia?

The main demographic of people selling gold jewellery, coins and ingots is the 55 to 80 year old bracket. Sometimes referred to as ‘scrap gold’ it is now being sold at unprecedented rates. The reason may be two-fold.

The price of gold is now at its highest on record and with the global financial crisis cutting into the retirement and superannuation savings of many people, the sale of gold may be another way of supplementing income for the elderly.

A spokesperson from the retail gold sector, Michael Cohen of the Gold Company, reported that prices paid can vary from $250 to $950 an ounce depending on the company that consumers are dealing with. Mr Cohen advised that it is easy to determine approximate value.

“Separate the gold into 9ct, 14ct, 18ct etc… Then weigh each batch separately. Multiply the weight by the percentage of gold in the batch (e.g. 0.375 for 9ct) and then multiply that by the gold price of the day. That figure, less the refining costs and profit of the buyer, is what you should be offered.”

Other good tips for prospective sellers is to make sure you deal with a company that gives you the option to accept or refuse the offer with no hidden cost to you; ensure they have contact numbers listed for you to talk to someone and an address that you can visit their offices if necessary; and if you are not sure you are getting the right price, shop around.

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