Save $20 on Your Groceries and Have Them Delivered Right to Your Door

(I cannot guarantee this handsome man will deliver your groceries, but I CAN save you $20. Offer expires March 16, 2010)

If your cupboards are as bare as mine right now, you might want to think about stocking up on some food before tomorrow's storm hits. I just did my weekly grocery shopping right here on my couch, with my feet up. No lugging groceries. No long lines. No going out in the cold with two kids... I love Peapod! If you've never shopped for your groceries online with Peapod, here's a little incentive. Just enter this code at checkout "SAVEFRIEND20" to save $20 off your order*. 

No, Peapod's not for everything. I avoid buying too much produce from them, only because I like to pick it out  myself and buy organic at Mrs. Green's. But for everything else I've been really satisfied with Peapod. I especially love using Peapod to stock up on big, heavy, annoying items like bottled water, detergent, paper towels, etc. And please don't ask me if shopping with Peapod is more expensive than going to the store, because I don't have an answer for you. I've never done a true comparision, but I can tell you that any extra cost (if any) is worth it for the convenience - especially in the winter with a baby and a three-year-old. Dragging them both to the store is just out of the question.

So, go ahead and give Peapod a try. This special $20 discount is for new customers only, but I'd love to hear from others who've shopped Peapod in the past. Were you satisfied?

*Limit one per household. Not valid with any other offer. Minimum order size to receive offer is $60. Offer expires 3/6/10. Amount will be automatically deducted online when valid promotional code is entered.

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