Mommy 101 to the Rescue!

You should see me right now. No, I didn't get punched in both eyes, I just haven't slept in days! My 4-month-old *great sleeper* has decided she no longer needs to sleep. She went from sleeping 8 hour stretches to waking every 3 hours for the past two weeks or so. And she won't stop nursing. She wants to eat non-stop. Throw in a 3-year-old and a busy schedule and I am just about falling apart. 

Boy was I happy to meet Mary Ann Farrell last Friday. She's a registered nurse and owner of Mommy 101. Mommy 101 provides in -home nursing care to mothers and their newborns in Fairfield and Westchester Counties. She gave a talk to the Stroller Strides group last week at The Stamford Mall and  I was lucky enough to sit in. She offered some really great advice about how to get your baby on a schedule and how to promote healthy sleep habits. Mary Ann has 3 kids of her own and many years of experience in the neonatal intensive care and maternity unit at Greenwich Hospital. She'll come to your home to guide you through those early, difficult months of a baby's life. I wanted to take her home with me! She's sweet and calming and I can only imagine how great it would be to have her by your side, especially if grandma is too far away to help.

The poor woman. I was drilling her with questions about how to get my baby to sleep more, nurse less and transition to the bottle. I'm in the process of implementing her suggestions. It's taking some time and patience, but I have faith in Mary Ann's advice. I'll keep you posted about the progress (wish me luck!).

If you're struggling too,  visit the Mommy 101 web site at www.Mommy101.net and tell Mary Ann I sent you. Good luck!

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