Spring Into Safety With The Child Proof Coach

It might not feel like it today, but spring is almost here. Here are some wise words from our sponsor, The Child Proof Coach, about what to watch out for this time of year. Learn more about child safety at www.childproofcoach.com

Spring Into Safety 
by Jay Martel

Spring is in the air. Shrieks of joy, birds and blue skies. The windows are springing open and the trampolines are springing to life as our children are released to the great outdoors. What’s better than fresh air, sweat, mud and fun?

Stop right there. Let’s think a little SAFETY as we transition to Spring with the following tips.

#1 Get to your outdoor play spaces before the kids do.
Your swing sets have been freezing and thawing all winter. The process leaves cracks, splinters, sharp edges, and loose bolts. Peel loose and sharp debris, sand sharp edges and tighten all bolts with a socket set. Check for squeaky swings and look for signs of animal droppings. Hang on it, try to rock it and ride the slide a couple of times. 

#2 Check your Windows
Windows are being opened, washed and cleaned. Your 14 month old last year is now your 20 months old and capable of much more this year. Watch especially for low windows, window seats, windows by beds, and playroom windows. Know that if you open a window from the top, it is unlocked and it can be opened from the bottom. Beware, kids love to crank the crank on casement windows too. Get window guards, window stops, and window wedges where necessary.

#3 Be Aware of Landscaping Hazards
What are you going to be “spreading” this year besides good cheer?
Is there imminent fertilizer, lyme and tic control in your properties future? If you use a service, do you know what they have planned for you?

If not, find out. Ask questions, do a little research and get third party verification about what you will be breathing and absorbing in to your skin. Even some mulch is highly toxic and others are environmentally friendly.

Your kids are low to the ground and constantly rolling on the ground. They will be covered in whatever you put down. Think ahead and talk to someone who knows!

#4 Door Safety
Did you ever notice that doors inside your home close in the winter but not in the summer?  Even your house changes shape slightly with the seasons so check the baby gates inside your house too. They very well might need an adjustment to keep them working smoothly and in good order.



Jennifer said...

Wainscoting is the perfect solution for protecting walls against marks made by furniture, kids, and pets–without sacrificing an upscale look.

It's Fabulous!


Emily said...

Child safety is priceless. Thanks for the great information.