Drewbee Originals - Now Available at Kaleidoscope in Stamford!

When is a card more than just a card? When it's a Drewbee Original, handmade by my friend and next door neighbor, Amie Sullivan. Each one is so intricately beautiful and whimsical. When she finds the time to do this, I have no idea. She's a busy mom with a demanding full-time job who manages to find time to create these pretty cards, host fabulous parties and playdates and even deliver homemade sauce with a loaf of bread when new neighbors move in (lucky me!!). 

So I thought I'd let you know you can now find Drew Bee Originals at Kaleidoscope in Stamford. Pick one up next time you're shopping for a birthday or new baby gift. The cards are a lovely touch when given along with a gift because they're meant to saved and framed. I should know. The card Amie gave me when my baby was born in October hangs proudly in the nursery.

Contact Amie at amie@drewbeeoriginals.com or 201-723-5937 for custom card orders for Mother's and Father's Day and visit www.drewbeeoriginals.com to see the entire collection.

Visit Drewbee Originals on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Drewbee-Originals/110277265678352?ref=ts

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