FREE Fitness Class for Moms-to-Be this Saturday at the Tully Center's Health & Fitness Institute in Stamford!

Elaine Petrone

There's still time to register for the Miracle Ball Workshop on Saturday, April 10 from 1-2:30 at Tully Health Center in Stamford. Just mention FairfieldCountyChild.com when you register and the $20 fee will be waived!

Call 203-2764567 to register or for more information e-mail the instructor Elaine Petrone at elaine@elainepetrone.com. You can read more about Elaine on her site at www.elainepetrone.com or read on for more about her Miracle Ball method.

Why the Miracle Ball Method for Moms?

The Miracle Ball Method works on both muscles and your skeletal alignment. Exercise works on your muscles. Pregnancy is a huge challenge for your muscles and the alignment of your skeleton. Think of the skeleton as your underlying infrastructure for your whole body. As the baby or babies grow the muscles, and eventually the bones accommodate the size of the baby in your belly. The tilting of the pelvis can put pressure on low back, cause sciatic pain, make it difficult to sleep, fatigue just to name a few of the discomforts women face during pregnancy. These physical challenges can make a person feel overwhelmed emotionally as well.

The Miracle Ball Method for Moms workshop this Saturday at The Tully Health Center Health and Fitness Institute will help you to adjust your whole body. This will take the pressure off the areas that are tight while toning you up and relaxing your mind and body. You will sleep better and learn things you can do throughout your pregnancy to keep that beautiful body strong but not stiff.

An 8 week program will follow Saturday's class beginning Saturday May 22nd. 

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