HUGE Multi-famly Tag Sale This Saturday in Stamford. What's on Your Shopping List?

From what I understand, this is the  mother of all tag sales. I always say I'm going to get into the whole tag sale thing (or estate sales, whatever you want to call them), but I can never motivate to get there early enough when all the good stuff is still available. This time, I'm gonna do it, damnit. I'm gonna scour this sale for:
a) A double jogger
b) Some outside toys (I think it's time to invest in some. A 3-year-old guest recently informed me that our yard was "no fun").
c) Furniture I can repaint/refinish

What's on your shopping list?


Tari said...

A sit-and-stand stroller... so I can take my 2 1/2 yr old along with my soon-to-be arriving (5/26) baby out together. :-) Thx for posting the sale!

Anonymous said...

Outdoor toys...
Thanks for posting this. We will try to get there!