Share Your Mother's Day Wish & Win a Stella & Dot Necklace (enter by 5pm on Monday, May 3)!

Check your inboxes! I'm about to hit *send* on the latest FCC newsletter, sponsored by Stella & Dot! It includes a calendar full of some great upcoming events for kids and families in Fairfield County, so don't miss it. If you're not already a FCC subscriber, just click here to become one.

To celebrate Mother's Day, our local Stella & Dot stylist, Kelly Sullivan of Fairfield is hosting a trunk show at her home this Tuesday, May 4 and you're invited. Come check out her fabulous collection of jewelery for women and now little girls too! Cuuuuute stuff ... and a fun way to spend some time with your daughter and get some shopping done for the moms in your life.

Kelly is also giving away one of these two lovely necklaces to one FCC reader!


  • Leave a comment below and share which necklace you prefer (Boca or Palm)
  • Also mention what your Mother's Day wish is
  • Please leave your first name and town/city (example Meg from Stamford)
  • Bonus entries will be given if you share this giveaway on your Facebook or Twitter page (just let me know in the comments that you did so)
  • Winner will be announced on Monday, May 3 so check back then. Good luck!
Finally, thanks to Kelly Sullivan. View the Stella & Dot collection at www.stelladot.com/kellysullivan and you can contact her at pksullivan2000@yahoo.com


Bridget said...

I prefer the Boca necklace (but I love the Palm too - it was a tough choice.) My Mother's Day wish is to spend some relaxing time playing with my two little angels (who occassionally turn into monsters) AND, ideally I would love to spend time with my own mom who lives too far away to be with us. Happy Mother's Day!

Bridget from Stamford

Anonymous said...

I love the Boca necklace because I love bee accents! I agree the Palm necklace is cute too though. My Mother's Day wish is to have a quiet peaceful day with my family where there is no spilling of cereal on the floor, no sentences begin with "She won't share with me" and it ends with my toddlers taking their baths willingly and going to bed without a fight!! :) That is my wish....ha ha Happy Mother's Day to all and to all a good night!
Renee from Darien

Mary from New Britain said...

The Boca necklace is my fave. For Mother's Day, I wish that my mother could visit with my children. She's far away.

Anonymous said...

Both are beautiful but I like the palm - reminds me of the warmer weather about to come. My mothers day wish is that along with my family, I was able to spend it with my best girlfriend and her little girl who live too far away. Happy Mothers day to you - you're doing a great job with this website.
Tanya from Southport

Bridget said...

I like the Palm necklace because I love the starfish on it. My wish for Mother's Day is to have a nice, relaxing day with my husband and daughter with no tantrums and lots of laughs :)

Bridget from Darien

Harrison and Emerson said...

I love the Palm necklace (and I agree with Bridget from Stamford--very tough choice!)My Mother's Day wish is to spend the day with my husband and children relaxing with no fighting between my boys (ages 5 and 6!) and also to reminisce abut memories of my own mom, my inspiration in all that I do as a mom for my kiddos, who passed away 7 years ago on Mother's Day weekend when I was 7 months pregnant with my oldest. She is missed, but I see her in my own children's smiles.....hoping for lots of that on Mother's Day.
Christine from East Norwalk

Anonymous said...

I'm 9 months pregnant with my second child, so Mother's Day brings with it major fretting that I won't be as attentive, patient or adoring of her as I was with my firstborn. So for Mother's Day I'm wishing to banish that worry and not only enjoy my day with my son--one of his last as an only child--but to also become even more elated over soon becoming mother to a daughter.

And to not go into labor early.

And I think both necklaces are lovely!

Kate from Shelton

Anonymous said...

I prefer the Boca necklace. I am a huge fan of coral, terracotta, or anything orange. And I think that the attached pin is just beautiful! My mother's day wish is to spend some relaxed time with my husband and two boys, plus my mom as well. It is so special to be able to celebrate with her and also feel like I am a celebrated mom at the same time.

Keri from West Norwalk

Anonymous said...

Both necklaces are beautiful & remind me that summer is just around the corner. I particularly love the Palm necklace, and can almost feel the breeze .... My Mother's Day wish is to be blessed with another year of health and happiness for my family.

Nancy from New Canaan

Anonymous said...

I love both necklaces, great colors!!! My mothers day wish is to have a fun filled day with my family!

Fiona from Darien

Tara said...

I like both necklaces. My mother's day wish, is to have a great and relaxing day with my hubby and kids. Just enjoying the simple things in life and getting out of the rat race - at least for 1 day :)

Tara from Stamford

Angela said...

I love the palm necklace - so gorgeous for summer! As always, my mothers day wish is for another year of health & happiness for my family!

Thanks! Angela from Darien

Anonymous said...

I love the palm necklace! The starfish accent is beautiful. My mother's day wish is to be allowed to sleep in for a change...I don't even need breakfast in bed!

Lindsay from Westport

jangerame AKA Southern Yankee said...

I have to vote for Pal - i love funky green colors!!!
My mother's daay wish... hhhhmmmm that's a tough one! would love to sleep in, but that won't happen b/c of all the SSSHHHH-ing and giggling coming from the kitchen!
But extra fun this year - my mom from Texas will be here to celebrate!

Jennifer from Wilton

Rita said...

Love the Palm necklace because I've been really drawn to chartreuse/yellow lately. Both are beautiful though.

My mother's day wish is to be able to SLEEP in!!

Rita from Stamford

Lucinda said...

I love the Boca necklace! My Mother's Day wish is to get a full uninterrupted night's rest- I don't think that my 18 month has ever slept through the night!
Lucinda from Easton

Cyndi said...

I would really like the Palm necklace! I love the color and it's perfect for summer!

My Mother's Day wish is just spend time with my hubby and baby - I know it's cheesy, but with both of us working opposite schedules, it would be nice to spend time together all 3 of us.

Cyndi from B. Falls

Jeanine said...

I am so glad to have been introduced to your website when you were visiting our Parents' Fair yesterday. What a great resource! Both of the necklaces are beautiful but the Boca is more my color style. My mother's day wish would be that all the mother's in my family could celebrate together but we are all on different coasts. So, instead I wish for a fun filled day with my husband, 2 boys and the fur child. Happy Mother's day to everyone!

Jeanine, Pound Ridge

Anonymous said...

From Lin in Ridgefield:

Hard to choose but if forced, I would go with the starfish because I am allergic to bee stings!:)

Mothers Day Wish: The first thing that came to my mind was to wish for some insight on where the world is going and what it will be like when today's kids are grown. Its hard to provide guidance to our kids to prepare them for their own independant adult lives while technology is changing so rapidly, the state of the economy is so volatile, there is so much conflict among people on so many issues......My mother was able to envision possible futures for me and though they didn't include the internet or cellphones, she wasn't that far off and her advice may have not been right but it was always relevant. If I can't have anything impossible like that, I'll wish for a necklace from Stella & Dot...hint hint....

baby said...

Thank you very much.

Midnight Mike's Blog said...

I love the Palm .. I believe it has nice accent colors and would mix well with Summer Attire. What a beautiful piece.

I added to facebook ...

Mothers Day Wish:

I would love to have lunch with my mother, my sister and my daughter .. it would be an all girls affair .. enjoying each other and treasuring that time with one another or having an all spa day !

MB from Norwalk, CT

Midnight Mike's Blog said...

Love the Palm .. the colors are perfect for summer! What a beautiful piece.

Mothers Day Wish:

Spending time with my mother, sister (my daughter's god mother) and my daughter ... having a nice brunch and enjoying our stories about what's going on in each person's lives and treasuring that special time together.

I posted to facebook.

Mary Beth, Norwalk CT