ROAD TRIP: Fine Dining in NYC with the Kids. Crazy or Cool?

I promised my sister that come springtime, I'd bring my three-year-old into NYC for a visit. I'm excited to spend the day with two of my favorite ladies! So this article from yesterday's New York Times could not have come at a better time. It lists a bunch of surprisingly kid-friendly restaurants. I'm lucky that my daughter is a pretty adventurous eater and that my sister is quite the foodie because I see a visit to one of these restaurants in the near future. How about you? Where do eat with the kids when you visit NYC? Do you opt for a dirty water dog or are you into fine dining with the kids?


After Words said...

Check out the comments on that piece--much more interesting than the article, IMHO.

I would hesitate to bring my kids (ages 4 and 2) into any fine dining establishment--the potential for disaster is just too great. And, to be honest, if I'm worrying about their behavior, I'm just not going to enjoy myself. When we go into the city to go out to dinner, the kids stay home with a sitter. When we go into the city with the kids, we eat at dinners, bagel shops, etc.

That said, my go to foodie- and toddler-friendly NYC establishment is Mario Batali's Otto Pizzeria. It has pizza that my kids love as well as other more adventurous food. It's welcoming of kids, but even so, I only go at off hours (late lunch/early dinner).

meg said...

I had trouble finding the comments on the page so here's a link http://community.nytimes.com/comments/www.nytimes.com/2010/05/09/nyregion/09toddlers.html

I did find the comments pretty hilarious (especially this one "thanks for the list of places to avoid!"), but I also think that it goes without saying that you only would bring very well behaved kids to such restaurants and that some of the naysayers need to chill out.

jangerame AKA Southern Yankee said...

my kids (9,5,3) LOVE Five Napkin Burger. 9th Ave and 40's?

Anonymous said...

$32 for spaghetti with butter or sauce??? Good for Joel Rubuchon.