Come Check out Stamford's Bookmobile!

One morning last week I had to make a last minute trip to the grocery store before the babysitter arrived. I was rushed and I had both kids in tow. I was definitely not in the mood for anything that would distract from my mission - to grab formula, diapers and to get home in time for a quick shower before a lunchtime meeting. I was about to enter the store when I spotted the Ferguson Library Bookmobile in the parking lot. Like every kid her age, my 3-year-old is full of questions and she wanted to know what the funny painted bus was doing in the lot. I agreed to let her take a peek inside and next thing I knew we were hanging out, reading books. It was such a fun surprise! My daughter was fascinated by the library on wheels. All of a sudden, time just sort of stopped.  I can't wait till the Bookmobile visits our neighborhood again! What a treat. Do you have a Bookmobile in your town? I feel so lucky to have one in Stamford. All these years I'd see it around town, but I really took it for granted.  The Bookmobile's June schedule is below. Come check it out with your kids! It's amazing how many children's books they can cram in there...promise they'll love it!

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