Graze Delivered - Farm Fresh Food Delivered to Fairfield County from Vermont (FREE Entree for FCC Readers! Enter fcchildentree at Checkout!)

How thrilled was I when I was approached by Westport Mom and entrepreneur Christy Colasurdo and asked to sample a selection of GrazeDelivered direct-from-the-farm goodies, straight from Vermont? Sign me up!

A few days later a bin of treats arrived on my doorstep with  everything from fresh bread to organic milk to soup. I'm a huge farmers market fan, but in recent years I haven't had the time to visit them as often as I'd like. I reluctantly shop at the local grocery store and am often disappointed by the lack of qualityand freshness.  Thanks to Graze, I won't be that lady at the store returning the moldy blueberries anymore. Graze is a weekly farm-to-fridge online delivery service which brings fresh, wholesome and sustainably produced foods directly from Vermont's family farms right to your door. And it's not just produce. Graze offers snacks, baked goods, dairy products,entrees and so much more!

According to Christy, prices are on par with what you'd find at Whole Foods. When you factor in the convenience of Graze, I'd say it's a no brainer to give it a try.  As if we needed more incentive, between now and December 31, 2011, all FairfieldCountyChild.com readers can receive a free
entree of choice on GrazeDelivered.com (up to a $16 value).
 Go directly to The Bistro page and choose any entree (up to $16). To receive the free entree with you order,  just add the coupon code fcchildentree  at checkout and $16 will be deducted from your order.

Please note that delivery to homes in Fairfield County is ALWAYS FREE.

A few notes, from mom to mom... my kids adored the drinkable yogurts,and parfaits made with the Greek yogurt and granola. The broccoli soup lasted about 10 seconds here (so THAT's how you get kids to eat their veggies!!) and we all loved the fresh salsa and bean salad. I was surprised to see how many prepared dishes you can find on Graze. Close your eyes and imagine quick, nutritious meals for school lunches and weekday dinners, delivered to your door. Isn't the start of the overly scheduled school year the perfect time to cut yourself some slack in the kitchen and let Graze take over? Don't forget your free entree!


Free entree code to enter at checkout: fcchildentree

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