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(Note: I belong to an amazing, supportive group called the Fairfield County Mompreneurs. Funny name, right? But it's serious business. We meet once a month to talk about the challenges we face as moms AND entrepreneurs. The group is led by the amazing Lynn Blank of Stroller Strides who I've written about previously. A fellow member, Lisa Kotasek, Esq. stands out to me as one of the hardest working and most innovative women in the group. I've invited her to introduce the organization she founded, Lawyer Moms, to all of you. Even if you're not a lawyer or in the law field, read on. You'll see that Lawyer Moms is an organization we can all benefit from. Thanks Lisa!)

Lawyer Moms is a professional organization for moms and parents who are practicing lawyers, stay-at-home lawyers, parents and grandparents, law and pre-law students, various professionals interested in legal updates, and friends. Monthly networking, nights out, seminars, and guest speakers provide networking opportunities, legal updates and discussions about recent cases, work-life balance, and fun. We mentor new lawyers and students pursuing a legal career.

Members who are practicing lawyers are invited to be listed on our Family-Friendly Lawyer List where future clients find family-friendly lawyer moms and members to consider retaining for various legal issues. Attorneys complete a family-friendly questionnaire. Upon approval, the lawyer is included on The Family-Friendly Lawyer List. When a client asks to be matched with a family-friendly lawyer, we provide the list of attorneys in the client's city. The list includes the attorney's areas of practice. Many of our members and local community members across the country use this List to find lawyers.

While we do not provide legal advice, we are here to help parents and friends navigate the arduous process of finding a family-friendly attorney who understands the rigors of parenting and work/life balance.

Membership includes a one-year subscription to our monthly magazine with the same name, Lawyer Moms. The articles are written by parents and lawyers, members and friends. We extend an open invitation to all lawyers, parents, and friends to subscribe or submit articles and advertisements therein. Sharing helpful information adds value to our lives as lawyers, parents, and professionals.

Lawyer Moms Mission:
Support women, moms and parents in legal professions.
Promote employers and firms who provide family-friendly work environments.
Mentor law and pre-law students, as well as new lawyers.
Share legal updates and important cases.
Connect family-friendly lawyers with clients asking for help finding a lawyer.

By Attorney Lisa Kotasek. To reach Lisa, call 203.550.6294 or email her at lawyermoms@gmail.com or visit www.lawyermoms.net. Lisa manages a law firm in Stamford specializing in Employment Law.

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