Tag Sale and Family Fun to Benefit Kids With Diabetes - June 7th and 8th*

Abby's All Stars is a non profit organization based in Trumbull, CT that raises funds to help families offset the out-of-pocket uninsured medical expenses due to juvenile diabetes. These out-of-pocket costs include insulin pumps, infusion sets, glucose meters and strips.  I had no idea that some insurance companies don't cover these things, but in talking to one of the group's founders and another friend of mine who has a diabetic child, I learned that these costs really add up.  Abby's All Stars is named after Abby, a six-year-old girl from Trumbull who's courageously fighting juvenile diabetes.  Family friends started the organization after witnessing how these cost of juvenile diabetes affect every family struggling with it.

There are many ways to support Abby's All Stars, including cash donations and volunteering. Also, you can get your family involved by coming to the Abby's All Stars tag sale on June 7th and 8th at 10 Vixen Road in Trumbull.  For more information about the event, click here. All proceeds go to helping families living with juvenile diabetes.  There will be facepainting, a lemonade stand, popcorn and a bake sale.  For sale you'll find baby items including single and double strollers, toys, housewares, books, clothes, garden items and furniture. 

For more information contact Jen Occhione at jen@abbysallstars.com or visit www.abbysallstars.com

*This is a sponsored recommendation from Abby's All Stars. For more information on sponsored recommendations, click here.


Shelly Gupta said...

Hi Meg, On the same note I was wondering if you know of any charity in or around Stamford where I could donate used toys. I cleaned out my kids toys and have 5 bags full of toys to give away..but cannot figure out where.

Hope all else is good.

fairfieldcountychild.com said...

Shelly there is the Goodwill downtown and also, a great little store in Belltown called Julliette & Chloe. It's a consignment store that accepts toys and clothes that are in good condition. Also check out this web site for more thrift stores http://www.remyc.com/fairfieldcountystores.html#Thrift%20Shops

Hope that helps!