What Advertisers and Readers are Saying About FairfieldCountyChild.com

From -Melissa Gallaher-Smith, Kindermusik with Mrs Smith, Stamford, CT "I have had really nice results from my placements inFairfieldCountyChild.com. Typically I hear from moms within the week, and I have to say that they are really a nice sort- curious, willing,and thoughtful parents looking for high-quality activities for their children. I think Meg has built up a loyal following of moms (and dads, too!) who like hearing what she has to say about things, and who trust that her endorsements are well founded. I have actually become one of them, myself- after 8 years of parenthood searching for thingsto do, I love having one place to go for all types of information!"

From Peter Saverine, Director of Marketing at Darien Sport Shop (www.dariensport.com) “As we enter the new age of computer-driven households with working moms who manage their families on an excel spreadsheet, our experience with Meg Robustelli and her information-packed website has brought a positive new twist to guerilla marketing. Not only has she tapped the market for this energetic younger demographic, but she has personalized the internet with her conversational blog that delivers our message to her subscribers in a way that resembles a recommendation or endorsement from a good friend. Simultaneously she has become mothers' little helper and the merchant's best friend, delivering a message in an efficient and timely manner.”

From Veronica Ponce, Owner of Organized Playgroups (www.organizedplaygroups.com) “Someone told me once that the problem with today’s world is too much technology. I am sure that person did not have children, a job, and lives in Fairfield County. I run a home-based preschool for children 18 months and up and besides our excellent teachers and supporting families we have a website that connects us all and makes our business possible. As an educator guiding parents is one of the most critical parts of my job. While looking for good resources I found Meg’s blog and was amazed by her articles. FairfieldCountyChild.com is a window where we can find instant access to news and opinions from a real parent. All her articles have pictures and we all know how those are worth a thousand words. Every time I read it I get a visual understanding of the towns we live in and all the resources available for children and parents. For me technology now is a way to link forces and I will be lost without her blog!”

From Nicole Opalinski, co-owner of Glamorously Green (www.glamorouslygreen.com) “FairfieldCountyChild.com is a brilliant resource for moms and dads alike - not only does it offer a wonderful array of things to do, eat and see, but it's delivered with helpful hints and insider information!”

From Lynn Blank, owner of Fit Family and Stroller Strides of Fairfield County (www.strollerstrides.net/ct)
“Fairfieldcountychild.com is your source when looking for what's new and fun in Fairfield County, CT. Moms value advice from their friends and Meg is that trusted friend. “

From Ashley Russ, owner of Cricket Photography (www.cricketphotography.net)

“What a refreshing concept and website! Meg is giving moms a wonderful gift with the wealth of resources and fun tips on the Fairfield County Child website. Time is so dear and precious for moms... reaching moms in an non-intrusive, yet helpful way is a challenge. Fairfield County Child.com provides a soft and effective approach to marketing. It has been such a pleasure working with Meg, and FCC has given her community members a way to connect with Cricket Photography if they are in the market. I have loved the nice clients referred by FCC and look forward to helping their families celebrate the milestones.”

From Rebecca Henley, owner of Sprout (www.sprout-kids.com) “FairfieldCountyChild.com is a great resource for busy moms and dads who are interested in finding activities for their kids that are more offbeat and unique. If you're looking for creative things to do with your family, this is the place to find it. This is the type of resource that my customers are looking for.”

Anonymous Notes from Moms

“I have become a daily visitor to fairfieldcountychild now.. actually i can say my daily routine to check what you have new daily :-) I really appreciate what you are doing .. I have been looking for something like this since i became a mom ..I am trying to go GREEN so your information was really helpful..Keep writing and lots of love to your little one!!”

“My all-time favorite fairfieldcountychild.com story is that of a wonderful website I found thanks to FairfieldCountyChild – another blog called Manager Mom! While I find FCC insightful, resourceful, well written and humorous at times – ManagerMom had me laughing out of my desk chair! I love her blog and owe it all to Meg at FairfieldCountyChild.com. Thanks Meg!! I’ve added her blog to my favorite bookmarks!”

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