No More Mom Jeans! Great NYC Stylist & Fashion Producer on "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" Available for Closet Consultations and Personal Shopping

(Note: I originally posted the announcement below back in May, but just wanted to repost this reminder in time for tonight's episode of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style on BRAVO at 10pm. Cate is now the Fashion Producer on the show and I am very excited for her! So check the show out and see Cate's fashion expertise come to life.)

I have a younger sister who lives in Brooklyn and she hangs out with a great circle of girls in NYC who sort of make me look at myself and say, "Yes Meg, you are a suburban mom." They're all so sassy and stylish and fabulous. I could go on, but the point in me sharing this all with you is that I'd like to introduce you to one of them in particular.

Cate Sheehy is a fashion stylist who has worked with celebrities like Eva Longoria, Melania Trump and Jessica Alba and on one of my favorite shows, What Not To Wear. She also has experience as a stylist for photo shoots in Vogue Latin America, Vogue Mexico and O Magazine. She has a great eye and the thing I like about her so much is that she makes dressing well accessible for all, regardless of budget or body type. Sometimes when I see her, she's wearing an amazing outfit that she pulled together from Ann Taylor Loft and H&M.

If you're stuck in a fashion rut, contact Cate for a closet consultation or a personal shopping spree.  Cate is happy to hop on a train from the big city to work with you. She tells me she especially loves working with new moms who want to get their fashion groove back. She's so sweet and I guarantee you'll love her. And if any of you have met me in person, I should mention that I have NOT used Cate's services but I plan to soon. I just would hate you to use me and my so-so wardrobe as a gauge of her talents.

To view some of her work, click here.

You can contact Cate at catesheehy@gmail.com.


Manager Mom said...

I TOTALLY need this. My wardrobe is a horror show. Work stuff is passable but my casual/weekend stuff is appalling. Do we get a special "friends of Fairfield County Child"discount?

Or a twofer if she's coming out here for your closet anyway? :-)

cinnface said...

Cate is the best! I'm Meg's "cool" sister, and I've definitely benefited from Cate's help. I can attest not only to her eye and skill, but also her ability to make anyone feel comfortable and actually ENJOY shopping.

Stamford Talk said...

Manager Mom, might be cool to get her a bunch of clients up here in one day! I myself am far too stylish to need intensive help, but I could use help cleaning out my closet- you know, things like the white see-through sweater you think you MIGHT wear again one day?

Manager Mom said...

I like the new format much better...especially getting rid of Veronica Webb, she was terrible.

Now that I have *ahem* lots of free time, how about you get us invited to one of the shoots? Or submit me for a makeover? My casual style is appalling.

Stylist said...

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